Aged & Homecare and NDIS Providers.

Integrated consumer communication to simplify care management.

Connect family & wider Communities with

Monty is a digital communication platform designed to connect friends, family, wider aged care communities and providers. 

Monty can help to foster connection during prolonged periods of isolation and support provider service delivery requirements.

Telehealth is launching to help manage care communication during COVID-19 and beyond.

Ezihub software solutions have been designed to help Australian providers manage service delivery needs. To help adherence to social distancing during 2020 Monty is launching 1 to 1 video conferencing to manage Telehealth

Aiming to integrate with ARMED Prevention by the end of April Monty will also be able to help monitor clients' activity and inactivity levels.


Integrated care Management to client Communication.

Easily manage communication through Monty’s integration to Eziplan. Bringing your back office care management directly into both client and family member homes for a seamless feedback loop of service delivery.

Eziplan allows rostered appointments to be integrated on a shared client's calendar, which links with home care package documentation storage in Monty for ease of access by the client and family.

Consumer care Feedback surveys.

Consumer directed care ratings and feedback are easily managed in Monty with client surveys completed after each service to help provide ongoing client feedback and service verification.

Additional feedback about service delivery can be managed via client and family communication throughout the ongoing service delivery cycle.


Integrated Tele-Health Solution.

With the increased need for remote and flexible service delivery, Monty allows direct video connection through supplied hardware. Directly Integrated with your care management software Eziplan.

Easily manage a flexible Tele-Health Solution through the Ezihub Software for seamless service delivery to meet social distancing restrictions and low touch care requirements for your business.