Australian Care Consumers.

Easily connect with your Provider
for ongoing service delivery.

Connect family & wider Communities with

Monty is a digital communication platform designed to connect friends, family, wider aged care communities and providers. 

Monty can help to foster connection during prolonged periods of isolation and support provider service delivery requirements.

Telehealth is launching to help manage care communication during COVID-19 and beyond.

Ezihub software solutions have been designed to help Australian providers manage service delivery needs. To help adherence to social distancing during 2020 Monty is launching 1 to 1 video conferencing to manage Telehealth

Aiming to integrate with ARMED Prevention by the end of April Monty will also be able to help monitor clients' activity and inactivity levels.


Connected Communication with Your Care Provider.

Monty Software allows for shared messaging through the mobile app with your care provider and friends, family or doctor if required. With additional one-to-one and group video chat you can easily manage and provide feedback your care delivered at any time.

Monty allows you to take control over your care and work seamlessly with your provider to get the best

long term outcome.

Secure Document Storage.

Monty provides safe storage for all your care requirements. All Home Care Package and NDIS statements are integrated from your provider directly into simple document storage that is always accesible to you.

This storage is available for any personal requirements and managed securely on your Monty software hosted in Australia.


Care Delivery and Feedback Management.

Your Monty Software allows you to request appointments for ongoing or ad-hoc requirements from your care provider. With direct communication you can set up a group communication channel with family or doctor where appropriate.

Monty allows you give manage feedback about your care plans and service delivery to give you the ability to manage on an ongoing basis.